About Me

Anup Kumar Das | Digital Artist |

I am a gadget freak, techno savvy and an avid internet user. I am 3D generalist. Producer and Hobbyist Photographer. A Photographer’s journey never has an end. It is a journey beyond path, beyond recognition and a journey of self-realisation.
As a child i never thought of photography as profession … not even a passion. And in those days 3D animation was like a magic to us. Though I was interested in almost everything. Say it movie, music, books or food. My mom use to throw me out of the kitchen so she could save her kitchen and the family from my experiments with food. And then there was my unbiased love for cricket. I think that was something I was serious about. Else, what could have lead me winning so many matches as a wicket keeper?
The hunger to know this better brought me all the way to Pune. And life changed forever….
3d, photography, music and film production. My creative hunger is running everywhere. And I am enjoying it.

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